30 April 2010

Torn Apart


This series will be going to Amsterdam on Monday. It is now in the hands of two art collectors from that city. They are really cool guys that come out every year for Coachellafest and I couldnt be happier that they were the ones to get it.

I cant say it was really easy for me to part from this series, as I created it shortly after going in to remission from cancer. It is the first of my artwork to get in a gallery and it is also my first 'real' sale (see the original post here). On Thursday I got to pack it all up and ready it for the flight to its new home. The photo below includes one of the guys, Robert, and I in front of my series...

Torn Apart is a 9 panel series. Each panel is ink, acrylic, and newspaper on wood. 12" x 18"


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