23 April 2010



I just finished this piece for Art4aCure. They are a non-profit organization that sells donated artwork to raise funds for stage one cancer research. This is the cutting edge research that explores new ways to fight cancer with less harm to the patient. It is a great NPO and I wanted to contribute something to them for a while. A lot of the artwork gets hung up in Premiere Oncology, an infusion room in Los Angeles.

I designed this piece specifically to be hung up there and used cool, calming colors for it. The meaning of flower itself is calming and relaxing and you are supposed to send it to people you admire. The white spatters project purity and cleanliness (from cancer), and encourages us to clear obstacles. The blue background invokes rest and serenity. The newsprint that is barely visible stands for all the things that gets put on a back burner while one fights through this life threatening disease (at least thats how it was for me).

Quite an explanation, but hopefully this helps some of the cancer patients who go to Premiere Oncology for chemo infusion...

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