12 September 2011

By Hundreds and Thousands


"The solemn proletariat revolutionaries with rifles half smile at the viewer as the series of seven post-card-sized drawings of a murder of crows exhibited above the painting look as if they're flying over the revolutionary's heads, lending exhilaration and movement to the freedom the men are fighting for." -from Dave Barton's review You Say You Want a Revolution?, OC Weekly 9.2.2011

I thought that was an interesting way of putting it. The only thing I want to add is that the crows lend an ominous for boding of a dark future that, at the moment seems so bright and free during their victorious revolution.

By Hundreds and Thousands is ink, acrylic, book pages on wood panel. 42.5" x 28"
Each crow above is ink and newspaper on wood panel. 4.5" x 6.5".

read more of that article here.

the Revolutionaries (working title)