24 January 2011

Shows Added!

I have added two new shows to the year. Both are coming up rather quickly with the first, A Whole Lotta Rosas, happening on February 11th. It is a one night show at the Camp in Costa Mesa and will feature a wide variety of artists focusing their talents on this rose themed art show. It is being put on by Tim Shelton, a tattoo artist from Costa Mesa. There will be a lot of fresh, new artwork there, live painting by some of the artists, and the best part!?! Nothing costs over $200!


On April 9th, Rothick Arthaus will be putting on a massive Nesting Doll art show. There will be hundreds of nesting or matryoshka dolls painted and created by over 50 artists. Both events will be a lot of fun, and there will be no shortage of cool things to look at.
Visit my events page for more information (more will be added as soon as I know).
Contact me if you have any questions