18 June 2010


Well this week I finished up teaching my Intro to Sketching and Drawing class and my Photoshop class at the IncredibleArtist gallery. Both classes were three sessions and each session lasted three hours.

Intro to Sketching and Drawing was every Wednesday night. I ended up having four students (yes, I know there are only three in the picture... I can count, promise). It was a lot of fun, and I think we all learned a lot. We went over three different subject matters: still life, landscape, and portrait drawing. I pushed the students as much as I could without making them angry at me. I will be teaching more drawing classes later on this summer too. Ill let you know when I do...

The Photoshop class, I decided, would be better as a one on one class. It works out better this way because I can really focus on just one person at a time and make sure they understand stuff better. The lady I taught this week knew absolutely nothing about the program before we began. Now she can edit photos and knows the basics for almost any type of work in Photoshop. She will also be showing her work at the gallery starting tomorrow night at our summer Artapalooza party!

I only have a few photos from my classes, I will put up more once I get them from the gallery... Thanks Joanna, Liz, Stephen, Donny, and Diane!

Class: Still-life

Class: Portrait