26 March 2010

Skate Deck Art Show

This was one of the big projects I have been working on. Its not so much that the artwork took a really long time, I mean it took a while (about a full day per board), but it was all the set up that kept me busy. I had to figure out if I wanted to use beat up decks or new ones (thanks Brad for all the decks!), how to make the broken boards hang like they are broken, and how to appropriately hang each one of them on the wall... it took some thinking.

The subject matter for this is an idea I've had for a while, and skate boards just seemed to work perfectly for it. The gun (both are the same model) is the first single action revolver made by Colt, it was named "The Peacemaker". The rose is actually pieced together from a few different pictures (including ones from my own backyard)... You will be able to see these boards at an upcoming skate deck art show at the Rothick Gallery in Anaheim. The information is below and in my new "Events" section to the right (or go to Rothick.com). I hope you all can come, it should be pretty fun! oh and did I mention Kogi's will be there?

Peacemaker is acrylic and ink on skateboards. Each board is about 8.5" x 34"