23 October 2009

X is for Xenops


The owner of the IncredibleArtist gallery approached a few artists (including me!) about a project being put together by the Palm Springs Unified School District. They were calling artists to help participate in making an exciting, art-driven alphabet to be shown at the schools here in the valley. I joined in and was assigned the letter "X". This was definitely not an easy letter to do as the only words that immediately came to mind were those I remember seeing on alphabet charts: X-ray and Xylophone... blah. Because of this, I had to change it around and teach everyone a new word that starts with "X". I went with Xenops (xerophyte, xiphopagus, and xanthous were just a little too complex for 5-10 year olds). It may seem just like a silly letter, but the seeds have been planted. Maybe some of these children will go on to do great things... and it will all be because they learned a new word for the letter "X".