22 September 2009

Krochet Kids


This is another piece I made for my friends at Krochet Kids Intl. They just moved into a warehouse and the walls were looking pretty bare. It should be getting put up soon, but at the moment one of them (brad!) stole it to decorate their bedroom...
Charcoal and Acrylic on Cardboard. 44.5" x 26.5"

If you havent heard of the Krochet Kids, they are a group of guys that have started working with Ugandan "child mothers" (women who are raped by soldiers to bear children for the war), teaching them how to crochet beanies. They then take these beanies back to the states and sell them, giving the women all the profit. Its a really cool thing. Check out their website, buy some beanies, and help a really good cause. They are also having an art show this Thursday; the flyer is down below:



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